20 Reasons Ebola is a Done Deal

October 18, 2014

Why Ebola has been Foisted on the United States…

3000 soldiers sent to aid victims, with little or no protection, and thus designed to carry the disease back to the US.
No travel restrictions on infected areas.
Borders open with no hope of closure to ebola carriers.
Vaccines owned by Bill Gates, CDC, etc.
Tiers of vaccinations: one for the poor and one for the rich.
And on and on and on.
But one has to wonder where the benefit is to wiping out 80% of western civilization. Who stands to make money and how? Following are some of the many ways that Ebola will cause profit, of some sort, to certain persons. Feel free to agree, disagree,or add your own.


  1. 80% of population wiped out, the remainder to be slaves.
  2. The dollar has reached its end, so why not enslave the people who can’t pay the bill anyway.
  3. Chance to sell more of America (mineral rights, inventions, etc.) to China and other countries.
  4. Make lots of money by selling vaccines.
  5. Force Americans to put government controlled substances in their body.
  6. Push implantation of chips into Americans.
  7. Confiscate guns.
  8. Use Homeland Security troops (bypassing Posse Comitatus).
  9. Confiscate wealth to pay for disease.
  10. Take direct control of: airports, hospitals, personal travel, internet, etc.
  11. Replace the currency with more controllable (seizable) ‘dollars.’
  12. Stop broad spread usage of natural resources, thus preserving them for future generations (of banksters).
  13. Replace current unwieldy and untrustworthy (to the banksters) political system; replace ‘democracy’ with fascism (oligarchy); cancel Constitution.
  14. Give common folk a common goal (support their masters).
  15. Standardize education (brainwashing from the cradle).
  16. Eliminate ‘waste’ engendered by allowing common folk to pursue what they want, instead of what supports the banksters.
  17. One world government/one world religion/one currency/etc.
  18. Bring military under control (replace with Homeland Security).
  19. Allow the UN to invade and control (help Homeland Security) US citizens.
  20. End, once and for all, any chance for the concept of individual sovereignty and the ridiculous notion of freedom and liberty currently breeding United States of America, and thus end the exportation of said idea to countries currently enslaved, or slated to be enslaved.

As stated, there are lots of other reasons why people with too much money and no respect for the rights of ‘lesser’ individuals will find benefit in a ‘super plague.’ And, as stated earlier, feel free to agree, disagree, embellish and explain, or even disagree, or to add your own specific reasons.

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