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Where The Daily Neutron Came From…and Where it Goes.

I established The Daily Neutron many years ago. A neutron is the part of an atom with no mass, no weight; thus, in a manner of speaking, it is balanced, and in a way that is foreign to most Americans.

Originally I packed the site with filler, built the number of visitors, and pushed books I had written.

Eventually I began writing satire concerning political figures.

But I always wanted the site to mean something, to go where politics doesn’t usually go. This place where politics doesn’t go could be summed up in a simple word: honesty. Or, integrity.

In rewriting this site I will push the filler into the background and focus on honesty and integrity. There will be room for satire, especially on dishonest people, or people lacking integrity.

The essence of this site is establishing whether a person connected to government is honest, or has integrity. It is not Republican v Democrat.

That said, it may seem, at least for the foreseeable future, as if I am Republican. Nay, it is just that the Democrats have been bought by George Soros (read The Shadow Party if you doubt), slanted to the far, far left by educational institutions (google weaknesses and problems in the american educational system), and become a classic example of ‘I’m right you’re wrong!’

Thus, the Democratic Party, at least for the foreseeable future, will receive the over abundance of slings and arrows on this site.

This situation will self correct, if the designs of the founders function; the government is actually designed to warp back and forth across an honest mean.

We come to the very serious question of how we cause the government to right itself: we get involved.

Not involved as in Republican v Democrat, for that is just more of the same.

No, we get involved looking for honesty in our leaders. If our leaders become honest, if they stop responding to bribes and becoming corrupt, the country will right itself.

Towards that end, consider this: if a politician is rich, he is likely corrupt.

Donald Trump would be an exception to this because he went into government rich. Senator Snodgrass, however, went in with a modest standard of living. If he became rich while in government, he likely took advantage of ‘insider trading.’ He sold the office for personal profit.

And, another point, virtually ALL politicians are dishonest, for they live a rich life according to rules they have passed which favor them, and are apart from the common citizen.

For instance, Senator Snodgrass gets free nannie care, which he voted for (or at least didn’t ‘unvote’ when he got into office) but citizens don’t. Why does he get that kind of a perk? How will he ever understand or come to grips with the problems of people who pay for their nannies when he doesn’t?

Why do people in the government get away with voting themselves special perks?

I am going a bit afield here, but I want you to understand that The Daily Neutron doesn’t care if a Senator gets a government paid for nannie…IF THE CITIZENS DO, TOO!

We don’t care if a senator is rich…AS LONG AS HE DOESN’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PEOPLE.

Or, to put it all together: we don’t care if somebody is Republican or Democrat…AS LONG AS THEY ARE HONEST!

So we stand for honesty and integrity. And we provide a means by which people can assess which politicians are honest or not, have integrity or not.

BUT, it won’t work without your input.

If you don’t refute a bad claim as to a person’s honesty or integrity, we have lost.

If you don’t put forth a good claim, BACKED UP BY FACTS, then we lose.

As people put forth more and more facts, and not opinions, we will end up with an honest appraisal of politicians, and you will get a better idea of who you can trust…or not trust.

Don’t like what somebody said? Refute it. Get your own paragraph to replace the bad one.

And, one final thing: if you want this to work, if you want this site to become viable and potent, you need to support it. The more you support this site the more time I will have to work on it, the more we will convince people, even of different parties for beliefs, to worship at the alter of honesty.

Fortunately, there is an easy to support it. Simply go to this link. SUPPORT THIS SITE!

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  1. David Nazarian
    February 19, 2020 at 4:27 am

    I am working on a manuscript about the corrupt debt-based monetary system. I found your article very helpful and would like to add it to my Citations list, with your permission, regarding the infamous Act of 1871. I would like to know when and where this article was originally published.Excellent job, by the ay! Perhaps Trump will do something constructive about that treasonous act, during his 2nd term – one could only hope!

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