Barack Hussein Obama Pushes Drugs to Children!

President Pusher Pushes Pills!

Our Pusher in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, has elected to allow 15 year old girls to buy ‘morning after’ pills.

That’s right, now little Janey, in between worrying about her homework, won’t have worry about getting preggers! And it is all thanks to Barack!

Here’s the deal. Janey does a sleepover. She’s 15 yrs old, her mother trusts her, and then (choke) some of those dirty boys come along!

barack hussein obama

Bend over...this is for your own good!


They whistle outside the window, and Janey and her friends all come down to party, and (choke) little Janey gets pregnant!

Not no more, however!

Uh uh. This sad tale can be circumvented because now Janey can toss a pill past the tonsils and erase all of little Johnny’s potential.

She can do this because Barack, in his awesome and benevolent wisdom, has decreed that 15 year olds can purchase pills designed to undo the unfortunate side effects of sex…having children.

The idea of abortion has been with us forever. There are times when parents have opted for this unfortunate procedure because they couldn’t afford children, and because they knew the children would just starve to death. See China last century.

And, there have always been a few ladies of the night to whom nightly ‘bucks’ have been more important than having a child.

Unfortunate circumstances, but that is life, and it has always been kept low profile as people have understood certain things about values and morals and all that sort of tripe.

In America, however, abortion got a big push with the introduction of ‘eugenics.’ Early last century the Eugenics movement was created to control the masses, to decrease birth rates, to stop the idiot common man from reproducing his idiot offspring.

Not surprisingly, eugenics was not a big hit with folks. Maybe they didn’t like being called idiots, maybe they didn’t approve of the idea of killing children (go figure), but they put the squash on this thing called Eugenics.

A good thing, however, doesn’t lay down and roll over. It gets reborn as…Planned Parenthood.

That’s right! All of the benefits of killing children may be realized through Planned Parenthood, of which Barack Obama seems to be a prime proponent.

So when your little Janey gets an STD like AIDs, just because she didn’t have to worry about getting preggers because of Barack Obama’s over the counter next morning abortion pill, remember who you have to thank: that little, old Washington pill pusher…Barack Obama.

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