Barack Obama Calls for One Million New Immigants!

July 12, 2014

The Man from Kenya Calls for More immigration!

In a wonderful show of compassion for the poor and the suffering, Barack Obama has declared that he is going to throw open the doors of America to one million people. And that’s just one year. He wants to double that number of people every year from here on out, until the equity of poor in America is on a par with the rest of the world.

“It is not an arms race,” declared the prosaic Mr. Obama, “But a ‘poor’ race.”

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Simply, America must have as many poor as the other countries of the world. this is the only way to achieve true equality.

Russia and Cuba have pledged their assistance to Mr. Obama, promising to throw open their prison doors and allow a flood of uneducated people, people ripe for welfare, to come to America.

Iran and Iraq have promised to talk to their terrorists and tell them not to take advantage of this opportunity and strap bombs to themselves and jump on planes.

Mr. Obama, referring to his own immigrant status, stated: “This is the land of plenty. Plenty of welfare. And there is no reason why we can’t lead the world in giving away money from the rich. Why,, look at me, I came from Kenya many years ago, and i have worked my way to the top, and it is only right that I help others like me!”

When questioned concerning the constitutionality of an executive order for one million immigrants, Mr. Barack said, “Bosh. That constitution stuff is fine for the masses, but not for somebody who really knows what he is doing.”

When Republicans in the house stated they weren’t comfortable with such a proposal, Mr. Barack said: “It’s always those Republicans that are standing int he way of the poor. If it wasn’t for the Republicans everything would be free, and everybody would be rich!”

Later in his statement President Obama promised to write an Executive Order transferring the Senate to FEMA camp #10 (the one above Anchorage).

Have you read ‘The Bomber’s Story?’ Now that’s the real thing, a fascinating story of global corruption, and how one man goes insane when he finds out what he is actually doing as an American citizen.

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