Boston Bomber Tamarlan Tsarnaev Refused Admittance to Hell!

The Man Who Would not Be Buried!

The elder brother of the Boston Bomber Duo, Tamarlan Tsarnaev, is doomed to wander the earth as a corpse.

From town to town his family goes, beseeching and begging that he be dealt with like any respectable corpse would be, and buried in Mother Earth.

Mother Earth, it appears is going to have to forgo the unpleasant company of this mass murderer. Mankind, it appears, is not willing to let Tamarlan be thrown in a hole and covered up.

tamarlan tsarnaev

Tamarlan beats up girl!


The problem is that he is not a respectable corpse, he is a user of weapons of mass destruction, he is a destroyer, he is an enemy of the people of the United States.

Thus, he is doomed to molder and rot, the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out, toted from town to town like a sideshow freak…the man who would not be buried!

Actually, while this writer has no sympathy for the Boston Bombers, there is a good reason for sliding the stiff into a crevice and tossing in a stick of dynamite to close it up.

Back in the middle ages castles would undergo siege, and the contest would go on for months. The people on the inside of the castle would grow skinny, and the people on the outside just wanted to go home. Eventually, siege engines would be brought up. Large catapults and trebuchets.

Now, while most people think that the primary purpose of the trebuchet would be to throw giant rocks, there was a more nefarious and insidious purpose. The besiegers would find a dead cow, lock and load, and toss the sucker over the castle walls.

The bloated cow would smack against a wall and literally explode, and the castle would be filled with the the disgusting aroma of disease infected meat. Blood and guts would shower over any unfortunate passersby, and the sickness would start.

People would feel ill, maybe get a little headache, take to their beds, vomit, and die!

Do you understand? This was the world’s first biological warfare!

Today, though we have put aside the catapults and trebuchets, we have a new disaster to contend with…the body of Tamarlan Tsarnaev.

If, indeed, the body is taken from town to town, put on display for a bucks admittance that the people of the United States can stare at the moldy corpse and gloat, there is a risk of biological warfare!

Is this one more in the unending plots of the Islamic world to dispatch The Great Satan?

Only Tamarlan Tsarnaev knows for sure, and he isn’t talking.

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