Case Histories

Following are Case Histories of our country. This is history the way it really happened…the way it was never taught in school.

Case History 1: Extinction of Wooly Mammoths leads to The End of  Mankind How to hunt them woolies the right way!

Case History 2: Caveman Inventions! Man makes his path by inventions. Here’s the latest and greatest…a few thousand years ago.

Case History 3: Eric the Murderer Almost discovers America! A fellow who looks like Thor sails over to the Promised Land…before it was ever Promised!

 Case History 4: Stop Holding Your Breath…America Finally Discovered! The True history of America in a nutshell.

Case History 5: First Child Born in the New World! It’s a Squalling New Brat!

Case History 6: Columbus Falls Off the Edge of the World! And it was a lo-o-ong way to the bottom!

Case History 7: Stop Holding Your Breath The New World Has Been Discovered! Tabac is the Real Gold!

Case History 8: California, America, Utopia, and other Mythtakes! How America came to be misnamed

Case History 9: America is Only Fifty Miles Wide! Could America Really Be that Skinny?

This has been a page about Case Histories.



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