Choosing the Right Target

Make Sure You Choose the Right Target

Well, the US is in dire straights, lots of people saying it is going down, so the advice I give you here is good advice whether it goes down, or whether we get our act together and keep it afloat.

In fact, doing what I tell you here will go a long way towards keeping it afloat.

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Pick the right target.

I remember during the LA riots, years ago, the actor Sean Penn came out and said to the rioters that they shouldn’t be burning their own homes, they should be up in the Hollywood hills, burning the rich people’s homes.

Interesting advice, eh?

So if we have riots and war, what are the correct targets? Or to forestall riots and war, what are the correct targets?

The correct targets are not your neighbors, they aren’t the rich people in the hills, they aren’t the cops or homeland or any of those, they aren’t Republicans or Democrats, they are the people pulling the strings.

The correct targets are the people who make money from war and misery.

Think about it. If war starts, are you going to kill US troops? Or, for that matter, are you going to kill foreign troops that have come to help divvy up the US of A?

That would be silly. Aside from the overwhelming numbers and technological superiority, those people are merely doofuses that have been sold a bill of goods. They are ignorant, working for money, and don’t know any better.

It’s true.

That TSA groper? He’s just a dope working for money. He doesn’t have a belief system, any particular set of morals, and especial any knowledge of what the constitution is, let alone the right to be free from search and seizure.

You going to kill him?

Nope. Wouldn’t do any good. Just cause more misery. And he would be replaced before the day is out.

Same goes for cops, military people, bureaucrats, and even politicians. They are just bought and paid for dopes.

So you have to find out who owns the federal reserve. That would be the correct target. Who owns the central banks in virtually every country of the world. And you have to go after them. Those are the bad guys. Those are the ones that lend money to buy weapons, own munitions factories, and so on. They are the ones who manipulate economies so they crash, they are the ones who divide the people so they can conquer them.

Now, while there is still the illusion of freedom, you do have a political option. The US of A is in the unique position of having a political process that can, should the people get upset enough and come together enough, that will work.

You can hold protests, and right on your political representatives front lawn. Heck, the police come and arrest you, you can write articles about how the police are being used to protect politicians instead of arresting criminals.

It’s true.

And, you should do what I have told you…you should go after the politicians. They can make changes if we threaten them with being ousted from office and being given prison sentences. They can kick out the federal reserve, control corporations like Goldman Sachs, reduce bureaucracy to a minimum, THEY CAN DEFAULT THE DEBT THAT HAS BEEN FOISTED ON US, and the country could go right side up and prosper once again.

And if you don’t do that, then we just might have war and misery and disease and despair. And then you would have to pick up guns and fight for your freedom, risking life and limb, proper and prosperity, and entering the United States into a third world condition.

But it’s up to you. Hold your representatives to responsibility now, or actually have to go shooting people later.

So which do you want to do?

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