When They Come for Your Guns

January 3, 2015

What Will Happen to the Second Amendment When the United States Collapses

This really is a no brainer, concerning the second amendment, but a surprising number of people are very short sighted and don’t see it.

They’ll have to take my guns away! I’ll fight back. That sort of thing.

executive order novel

Your Second Amendment is toilet paper!

When the collapse happens electricity and water will go off, and military forces will patrol the street. We will be talking about non-American forces who won’t stick at shooting a few Americaners.

The first few million people who die will die violently because of things like street riots. Fighting back against gangs, and so on. The people using guns in these instances will be easy pickings for the military on the street.

Once a month or so has passed, and the population is starving, people will be offered food to betray neighbors who have guns.

Once the the Russian or Chinese troops patrolling our streets, or the the low browed gangsters making up Homeland Security, find out who has guns, they will make a simple call in the middle of the night.

They will drive up with tanks and heavy machine guns and surround a house. Surrender your guns or we will open fire. Then they will ransack your house, take what they wish, not just guns but food, medicine, anything else you’ll had the foresight to prepare, maybe rape your wife or daughter, and leave with your guns.

Think I’m kidding? Take a look at Nazi Germany. That’s EXACTLY what happened.

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” ?? Adolf Hitler
“If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”?- Diane Feinstein
And, there is a good chance that you will not just be home invaded and raped for having a gun, but that you will be sent to a FEMA camp for ‘re-education.’

What I say here is not just a bunch of words thrown together to titillate and scare, but how history actually works. And all you have to do is look at history to prove it.

Or, you can take a look at ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’ This is a fine novel which takes you through the conquering of the United States, from event through occupation to fighting back. If you have a relative who refuses to look at the possible future of the United States, this is an excellent book to get them thinking.

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