Banksters Take Over the World!

International Banks in Conspiracy!

The United States Constitution charges the congress with issuing money based on tangible objects such as gold/silver. This is a balanced monetary system, and the theory was that we would always have as much money as we have gold. This is simply a formula of value that we should call: ‘Something for something.’

Congress decided to be traitors, and continue to be traitors to this day, by farming out the managing of money.

bankster conspiracy

OMG! You're letting them get away with it!

The international bankers (Rothschilds, commonly referred to as ‘Banksters’) established the federal reserve system. This is a private system which owes allegiance not to the people, but to the people who own the banking system. It is an ‘invisible government’ which controls the US monetary affairs, and therefore controls the United States.

The international bankers don’t bother issuing money in accordance with tangible objects…they issue money out of thin air. They create it as they need it. This, if established as a formula, would be called ‘something out of nothing.’ This is a complete imbalance which favors the bankers and keeps people in debt.

Consider that the banksters are just making up money out of thin air and using it. Consider that they charge the people to use this money. Consider that this perpetuates inflation, which is a most insidious ‘tax’ which goes directly to the banksters. Consider that the dollar in your wallet is not money…it is a debt (it says so right on that so called ‘money’). Consider about a dozen other things connected with this, and you come to the understanding that the monetary system inflicted upon this country is a form of financial slavery, and it is the system that the Constitution was designed to protect against.

The point is that the debt is not supposed to be paid off. The point is that when the US borrows $30 million, it costs around $66 million to pay off that debt. The point is that the United States buys a made up dollar for around $20. The point is that these people who make something out of nothing demand payment in tangible products. Or, to put it in terms everybody can understand, every time the United States goes bankrupt (and it went bankrupt some seven times in the last hundred years) the politicians buy their way back to ‘solvency’ by passing laws which benefit the banksters, and allow them more crimes and predations.

This is why we are in debt. Because we support politicians who are bought into office by the banksters. And, the fact that that is not told to you, and not taught in school, and not broad public knowledge is a crime against the United States.

Or, to be blunt about it, every person in congress who has not told you what I am telling you in this article is a traitor, and should be put in jail at the very least. And that includes _______(insert your reps name).

So, what do we do about it? Well, we don’t go socialistic, for that destroys the fabric of personal freedom that is necessary to change and solvency.

The only real tool that we have is the Constitution. That is the tool which guarantees us the right to get rid of corrupt politicians, and disable their corrupt masters.

That, and your ability to see through the lies of media and ascertain the true character of elected officials.

Without those two things, the Constitution and your common sense, the United States is nothing more than a country sized Titanic.

BTW, the early congress (the founding fathers) felt so strongly about what I am telling you here that in the coinage act of 1792 they authorized the death penalty for any person who debased the money of the United States.

Of course, the banksters don’t consider it our money, so they don’t care.

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