Barack Obama is Now Selling Birth Control Pills!

 If the guvmint sells it…you need it!

The Obama administration is now insisting that non profit organizations, and this includes catholic hospitals, dispense birth control pills.

Hmm. Freedom of religion. The rights of the individual. Sounds like The Great Divider has figured out a new way to pit people against people.

birth control lady

Margaret Sanger-Birth Control or Murder?

Now, before I get into this, let me say what I believe. I believe: if you don’t want to have babies…don’t have sex. Having sex vs taking pills. What a condom. Uh…conundrum.

Anyway, the point is this. The United States government, currently the Obama administration, is trying to control people. One of the arms of the administration is Planned Parenthood. What many people don’t know is where Planned Parenthood came from.

Have you ever heard of something called Eugenics? Eugenics was started a hundred years ago, and it was: “the applied science of the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population.”

Sounds good, but what it really means is…sterilize the poor, the lame, the unintelligent.

It was somewhat Darwinistic, but was proven totally unworkable through scientific testing. Wikipedia has a complete article on this.

At any rate, the progressives of a hundred years ago embraced this concept, wanted to start sterilization clinics up all over the place. For some reason, however, the people didn’t want to be sterilized. Durn fools didn’t want what was good for the race, I guess.

So the Eugenecists went underground. They planned and they plotted, and eventually they came up with a great idea…Planned Parenthood. We’ll help people get rid of kids, maybe effect a few sterilizations, and push our program slowly, gently, and underwhelm the idiot population.

Not a bad plan. Crappy idea, but a good plan.

Now the plan has come to fruition. Courtesy of falling morals (part of the progressive plan of a hundred years ago…they didn’t believe in God nor religion nor any of that foofaraw), they have gotten backing, lots of backing.

Which leads us back to Barack Obama. Should he be pushing ‘end of life for newborn’ pills? Should he be supporting pills and abortions and a plan whereby the future of this great country is curtailed and brought into line with the visions of people who believe in controlling the genetic composition of a population? Is this where his healthcare plan is bringing us? Is this some sort of a plan where we all become little slaves to those who know better?

Interesting position he’s taken, eh?

And this is the real truth behind Barack Obama and his ilk; a people who sell birth control pills instead of supporting freedom of religion.

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