Great Government Scandal, Know Nothing Politics, and Barack Obama!

American Government Scandals Reach New Levels!

Government Scandal, be it IRS or Benghazi or breaking the 1st amendment, is the news d’jour!

The interesting thing here is that the common defense for each and every government scandal is the same: “I don’t know.”

The latest government scandal news merry go round reached new heights of obtusity with Lois Lerner, head of the IRS tax exempt unit. This tax exempt unit is at the core of the recent government scandals concerning targeting conservative groups for ‘special attention.’

government scandal

I'm telling the truth...I really know nothing!

“I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws,” said, Mrs. Lerner. And that is why she invoked the fifth amendment.

To be honest, this writer is a big fan of the fifth amendment. The problem with it being invoked here, however, is that it refuses information to the public for whom she works.

Soldiers are denied this right. They can die for their country, but they are not always assured constitutional rights. So why is Mrs. Lerner provided these rights? She works for the government, right?

What makes this so obscene is the fact that Mrs. Lerner gave a short speech before invoking her rights. Wait a minute! That means she is not invoking her rights! You can’t give your side of the story, then say no more…you have to give the whole story, or invoke your fifth amendment privileges! Not one or the other!

Be that as it may, Mrs. Lerner is only the latest in the list of public officials trying to avoid american government scandals.

Concerning the Benghazi scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder says he knows nothing about the scandal. As does Hillary Clinton and a host of other politicians.

Doesn’t matter that immediately after the Benghazi incident these people were quite vocal in their claims that it wasn’t Arab terrorists.

Concerning the AP scandal, again, Attorney General Eric Holder, and other white house administration officials also claim to know nothing.

The reason I mention AG Holder is because he is supposed to be in charge of the the nation’s crime prevention efforts. Yet he doesn’t know anything about the crimes being committed! So what kind of AG is he?

But it all comes to this: the biggest, fattest Know Nothing person is…President Barack Obama.

For ALL government scandals the President of the United States, Mr. POTUS himself, declares that he doesn’t know anything.

So the major government scandals of our time all happened to a President who doesn’t know anything, and is a poor, helpless victim.

So the conclusion is this: President Obama, who is in charge, admits that he doesn’t know anything. And he’s our president?

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