Financial Overhaul Saves America…Sort Of

Somebody has a brilliant idea..!

Congress has, at last, saved the United States. They have passed a wonderful, sweeping legislation that they didn’t read and wasn’t written by them. Thank goodness they had enough foresight to go far beyond what their constitutionally described jobs were, or we would really be in a mess.

legal laws

Gavel used as paperweight.

That said, I do have a slight question. On page 1748, midway down the page, section four, part b, paragraph two, the third sentence…doesn’t that contradict the sentence on page 845? You know the one I mean…about regulating the regulators through special regulatory practices which are designed by the regulators. Of course, I guess that could be rescinded under special circumstances which would be dictated by section forty-eight part g, paragraph sixteen. You know, in the third sentence where it designates appointees of the regulators to be regulated in times of financial emergency. Of course, we’re not going to have any more financial emergencies because under the section three paragraph 37–I think it was page 2192–the fed will tell congress what to do if they are, uh, at a loss.

At any rate, if anybody does know the answer to that question I would sure appreciate it if they would let me know. If there’s one thing I want, in this age of regulation (comes after the age of reason, before the age of senility), it’s to not be obfuscated. Man, if somebody was to try to regulate my obfuscation…well, I don’t know what I’d do.

Thanks to all, and to all a good night!

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