Main Stream Media Admits Obama Abandoned America at Benghazi!

Did President Obama Betray America?

Stunning admission by the mainstream news media: Obama is guilty of Abandoning America in her time of need, during the terrorist attacks at Benghazi.

For those who have been living in a cave, over half a year ago Terrorists attacked the American Embassy in Banghazi. For hours the fight raged, and ambassador, Andrew Stevens, repeatedly called for help.

presidential betrayal

What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?

America’s military might was ready. Quick response teams prepared to load the plane, then the message came. Stand down. You do not have permission to rescue American citizens from terror.

At Benghazi, despite orders to stand down, Americans did stand up and prepare to fight. Ex-Navy SEALs crossed town and waded into the fray.

And, eventually, four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Andrew Stevens and two Ex-Navy SEALs, and a fourth American.

Now the bizarre part starts.

Why did the President of the United States not give permission for American soldiers to come to the defense of her citizens?

Was it an error of omission, or commission? What possible reason on earth would a sitting president have for abandoning citizens during a terrorist attack?

And, it gets worse. During the following days the president’s personal envoy, Susan Rice, made the rounds and lied to the main stream media. She claimed the attack was because of an anti-arab some US citizen had made. In spite of the fact that the alleged film was virtually unknown, the President virtually apologized to the Arab World for our actions.

What actions? The actions of some nut case wanna be Hollywood producer? What?

And, as time passed, the President was re-elected to the presidency, and the American people didn’t march in the streets and demand action.

Now the president is firmly ensconced in his office, and the only way to get rid of him is to impeach him.

But, will the democratic party go along with that?

It gets down to a matter of personal power, and do they want to give it away?

So the entire Democratic party will likely back the president in the matter of the Benghazi fiasco.

Oh well.

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