Nationalize the Fed if You Want to Save the Country!

Nationalize the Fed Now!

To Nationalize the Fed is a concept whose time has definitely come. Consider the following argument.

To get along man needs rules,

these are fair and impartial laws,

applicable to rich as well as poor,

and especially to the corrupt.

This is a republic.

founding father



We are not a democracy,

for that is rule by the masses,

it means that when more than 50% of the people agree

they can steal from the remainder,

and the law can be ignored.

When law breaks down,

when it is corrupted by the greedy and immoral,

we have chaos.

This is the blessing of global bankers,

and this is the oligarchy that is trying to enslave us.

The oligarchy is spreading concepts of

communism, socialism, fascism

in an attempt to scare us,

Spreading the wealth destroys initiative

steals from producing people

and gives to non-producing people.

Only the insane would go along with this program,

or the severely mislead.

The threat of chaos seems terrifying,

and perhaps it should be,

but it is a transitionary state

the oligarchy attempts to instill

that they may make the transition

to a government controlled by them.

Power by the few = death to the Republic,

for it is only a Republic

which can hold them accountable for their crimes.

You want to end the cycle of war and depression?

Nationalize the Fed,

encourage other countries to do so.

Follow the paperwork to find the criminals

and realize that we never borrowed all that money,

it is interest piled on

in an attempt to crush us.

To do this we must elect representatives

who guarantee us

in exact words

before the election

that their express purpose

and their exact vote

will be to

nationalize the Fed.

Crush the Fed,

make congress be responsible for currency

as it was so charged in the Constitution.

And any who cry otherwise,

ignore them,

impeach them,

abolish them.

It is our country,

and this is our might.


Nationalize the Fed Now!

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  1. July 2, 2013 at 4:14 am

    Zhu Hai city in fact not begin to think who it is, what to do, so a reminder Xu Meng turned his mind was how I knew his mother. Nobody said recently threatened to kill me. Floating in rivers and lakes, how can I not the knife.

  2. HermanRab
    December 25, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Figures for children’s cake

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