Obama Health Care Conspiracy to Destroy Second Amendment

Obama Health Care…Don’t Go to a Doctor if You Own a Gun!

Obama Health Care has reached new levels of …of words escape me, for I just came across this bizarre story concerning the Second Amendment!

The Second Amendment says some stuff about the right to keep and bear arms. It is an amendment that has been under attack from the day of inception, and for which there have been some 2,000 laws passed modifying it. How a city or state can modify the Constitution I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with the amendment that says that no citizen has the right to do something other than what the government wants.

obama conspiracy

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What brought me to this rant is the fact that I have come across several people who have told me that doctors are now asking whether you have guns in the house. Apparently it is on some Obama Health Care medicare questionnaire. Not being one to visit doctors, I haven’t encountered this experience, but…darn, this sure makes me think.

Is it true? Is this the latest bit of bureaucratization to come out of Warshington?

And I suddenly realized that if Obama Health Care becomes fully enacted, it becomes a nifty way for Warshington to further undermine the rights of the sovereign.

After all, whether you have weapons will be included in your full medical history, and that will go in the chip to be implanted in your body!

And, does that mean the government will deny you medical aid based on whether you have a Glock in your nightstand? Or will they pass on that and not deny you unless you have a fully automatic crowd buster?

Or will they simply charge you more because you are more of a danger because you have a (choke) target pistol?

Of course, I won’t have to worry, because I have a USDA approved seven layer, titanium, childproof lock protecting my pistola in the armored, FDA approved safe in my DEA patrolled vault in my local bank. And I can go get my pistol and protect myself from that guy breaking in the back door at any time. Uh, as long it is visiting hours at my bank, and I can remember the four passwords, and red eye doesn’t interfere with my retinal scan.

Okay, okay. I’m just having fun with this.

But such an oddity, a doctor asking if I owned a gun…weird! Is this really what Obama Health Care means?

2 comments for “Obama Health Care Conspiracy to Destroy Second Amendment

  1. Todd Browning
    June 12, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    This has all been planned very well by the Obama handlers. Obamacare was passed long before anyone knew about Sandy Hook, or the batman shooter. Nobody really knew what was in this fantastic healthcare bill and according to Pelosi, ” we must pass the bill to see what’s in the bill”. intelligent voters right? Anyway a few years later, the mass murders happen. All of the sudden we are nationally debating mental issues and owning a firearm. Then someone finds this clause in the healthcare LAW ( now, not bill ). Wow who was so intelligent enough to see into the future like that so we are already covered and open a can o’ worms for mental evaluations along with vets being denied ownership of firearms. It’s a plan, a plan that Obama was selected to oversee. We all think he is an idiot. We are thinking in the wrong direction. Actually he is a brilliant man that is tearing this nation apart. Also, there is a little known clause that exempts muslims from being forced to participate. How appropriate from a muslim president. Everything he does has a purpose that is still hidden at the time he signs something. many wonder what did he do that for? Later the reason is revealed. Study his executive orders, there is something very bad coming, very bad.

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