President Barack Apologizes to Mexico!

United States is Responsible for Mexico’s Violence!

President Barrack Obama has apologized to the Mexican people for all the problems American guns have caused.

He apparently feels that guns shoot all by themselves, and that people (The Mexicans) don’t buy them and shoot them.

obama apology

Please, I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry...


A number of glaring problems with the latest and great of Obama’s constant apologies.
It was his administration that okayed ‘Fast and Furious,’ wherein thousands of weapons were ‘walked’ across the border and handed over to the drug cartels.

He ignores the fact that he is a front man for the Bilderberg group, which is sponsored by the Rothschild’s, who are the biggest gunrunners in the world.

He ignores the fact that he has done little to control the flow of immigrants and drugs across the border, which supplies the cartels with money to buy guns.

In truth, our commander in Chief, Barack Obama, has a long history of apologizing.

He has apologized to Muslims after they murdered Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

He has apologized to France for America’s ‘arrogance.’

He has offered apologies for the war on terror.

He has apologized for Guantanamo.

He has apologized to the Turkish Parliament.

He has made apologies for all the mistakes the Central intelligence Agency has made.

And the list goes on.

This unrelenting policy of approval has given Obama unprecedented popularity among the people of the world. Unfortunately for Obama, he has ignored the fact that he is beholden to the people of the :United States.

The real truth of this story is that Obama is part of an oligarchy which believes that an unarmed people can better be taxed. If the American people can be reduced to the status of financial slaves, forever worrying about the IRS and taxes and how to make simple house payments, then the Obama elite can live higher on the hog.

President Barack Obama obviously believes in a government of the slavemasters, by the slavemasters, for the slavemasters.

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