The Act of 1871 Is The Source Of All America’s Problems!

How the Bankers Took Over the United States of America!

So, how would you like to have a country where the economy is stable. Where the dollar maintains a value. Where there is no corruption in the government? Sounds like a pipe dream, eh?

The fact is that all of our mess, all of our social problems, everything that is screwed up with America, and most especially corruption in government, comes from one source. This source is called simply ‘The Act of 1871.’


I'm rich and you're not!


America at the time was pretty poor. We were still recovering from a war, and bucks were scarce. Enter the Rothschild’s.

The Rothschilds were in charge of banking in Europe. They wanted to get into America. Some even say they served up the War Between the States to finagle their ends.

The Rothschilds went to the American Congress and they cut a deal. The essence of this deal was that if America was a corporation, it would be able to borrow money.

Before that time, the government couldn’t borrow money, except from the people, and the procedure for that was pretty strict. People, you see, didn’t want to okay taxes.

The Act of 1871 established the Corporation of the United States. In this act several important things were written down.

The United States is Capitalized, THE UNITED STATES, which makes it different in law from the United States.

Further, the Constitution was referred to as The Constitution of the United States of America. Actually, the real Constitution, as written by the founding fathers, is The Constitution For the United States of America.

To the bankers what was important is that they could lend money, charge interest, and the Federal Reserve could be established, and all the evils of money grubbing, world dominating bankers could be put in play.

To the people what was important is what they didn’t know: they became not sovereigns, able to direct their own destiny, with a clutch of republican laws to guide them, but rather citizens (read slaves) of a corporation.

To this day, when people wonder why the government can get away with its massive abuses, when people wonder how the debt can grow so big, when people wonder what happened to the Constitution…the answer is in The Act of 1871.

Here’s the funny thing. If the people repeal the Act of 1871 the following things would occur.

The Federal Reserve would be thrown out of power.

The United States would have to print its own currency, which would be backed up by gold.

ALL debt would be canceled.

That’s right. ALL debt.

The federal government is the corporation, and the citizens are bound to pay the debt. But if the citizens suddenly said, ‘Whoa! We aren’t citizens…we are the original sovereigns, and our constitution is not ‘OF’ the United States, but ‘FOR’ the United States. If the citizens suddenly spoke up and repealed an act that, at heart, is illegal anyway, then the government called Washington DC, which would no longer represent the people and have to be replaced by a new contract (That’s all Washington is, a contract to represent the colonies, and that contract can be repealed at any time, and especially in the evidence of bad faith, which is what the Act of 1871 is.)

Anyway, I could go on, but the point is made. Go ahead, do your own research, you’ll find that what I’ve said here is pretty much the truth.

Citizen/slaves…or sovereign free people.

A constitution ‘of,’ or a constitution ‘for.’

A debt incurred by corrupt lawmakers…or a country unbeholden to none, and ready to establish true freedom in a world gone nuts.

Or you can just go ahead and pay your taxes, support wars, and close your eyes.

3 comments for “The Act of 1871 Is The Source Of All America’s Problems!

  1. ErnestHighsmith
    March 29, 2018 at 3:15 am

    I would love to be emailed all the information to where I could go and research this interesting information that you have expressed here. I for one am tired of the buracacy that’s taken over our rights to be sovereign citizens which is our god given right!

    • crackerjack
      April 6, 2018 at 3:46 pm

      Hi Ernest, Eustace Mullins is a good start. A fascinating conjecture is ‘Gods of Eden.’You could google any specific subject. Then, of course, if you can read the bible as a history, and not as something else, there is the bible.
      Good luck to your researches.

  2. matt
    March 19, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    If you want the truth, follow the money, it all leads to the same people. America’s current troubles were written over a century ago. Complaining about today is like complaining about the blood left from an assault without ever identifying the attacker.

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