Defeating the Ebola Contagion

October 19, 2014

Defeat Ebola and You Defeat the Global Conspiracy

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Yesterday we brought you the frightening piece regarding how fast the ebola contagion could spread. Today let’s talk about why the United States may prove to be more resistant to the virus than was previously thought.

The first thing, and most important thing we should understand is that the United States is a ‘clean’ country.

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African countries are ‘dirty’ countries.

What we are referring to is the state of cleanliness and healthcare of the populace.

Remember, the plague in Europe a few centuries ago was the result of rats, which rats appear when their is insufficient cleanliness.

There are ghettoes in the US, and these will be hot spots. Simply, people don’t wash their dishes enough, they don’t wash their hands, they don’t cover their mouth when sneezing.

On the other hand, you can head for ANY supermarket and purchase cleaning products galore.

Sprays for the garbage and bathroom, wipes for the baby’s butt, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and on and on.

What will be effective to stop the spread of the ebola virus? To defeat it?

We’re not sure, yet, but the first line of defense, until the facts are sorted, will be to just keep your house clean.

Go on the internet and find which cleaning products attack viruses. Even if you can’t kill the virus outright, you can wash it down the drain.

Scrub. Get rubber gloves. Get facemasks, N95 is thick enough to stop the ebola virus.

Make sure everybody in your family washes, and with soap, or even tougher substances and thick brushes.

Look, there is a lot of fear out there, and there should be. But you can’t rely on the government to help you. All you can do is begin your own tough methods for making sure your house is clean and free of plague viruses. Clean the people around you, and don’t let dirty people come into your area.

If you follow this advice, no matter how bad it gets, your first line of defense is going to be working, and you will have increased the chances of the ebola contagion passing you by.

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And remember, we can defeat all global conspiracies, and even the ebola contagion, by being clean…clean in body, and in our actions.

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