Dems Spend $150 Billion to save $5 Billion!

Trump Wall Overshadowed by Democrat Debacle!

The Trump’s Wall is immoral!

We’ll never spend $5 billion on a wall!

Trump Hates immigrants!

The headlines continue, on and on, and missing is one vital factor.

It costs $5 billion to build a wall.

It costs $150 billion to take care of the illegal immigrants.

Add it up: medicine for the sickly, crime enforcement for the criminals, education for the children, housing, food stamps, and on and on and on.

So a simple $5 billion expenditure could save $145 billion.

We could build a wall, set up a fund for people who need health procedures, and still have a considerable chunk of change left over afterwards.

And, to be honest, this writer doesn’t understand why a wall is immoral?

Do you have a fence around your house? Do you lock your back door? Do you call the cops when their is a suspicious character in your neighborhood?

And, as for the sillicism that Trump hates immigrants…it is so much nonsense. It is just something the other party says that has no proof nor credence.

The next time somebody says Trump hates immigrants simply ask for the exact incident, the time and what was said. You will get a bunch of bluster and huffiness, for their is no incident, not one, where Trump has displayed any animus towards immigrants, any race, or any culture.

Remember all this the next time somebody complains about Trump shutting down the government for a wall.

The truth is out there, but you might have to shout it a bit to get idiots to pay attention.

Read The Bomber’s Story by Al Case. It is the novelization of what has been done to the United States, and what to do about it.

This has been an article about Trump’s Wall, and the actual monetary facts behind it.

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