Dianne Feinstein NOT the replacement for Hillary!

Not Dianne Feinstein! Anything but Dianne Feinstein!

I recently read, on Before Its News, an article claiming that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be running for president (thank God on both knees with hands thrown in the air!) BUT, that her replacement would be Diane Feinstein.

OMG! You have got to be (insert curse word) Kidding!

I live in California, and why do you think this is the most messed up state in the union?

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California went from one of the best states in the union to a third world country, and whose fault do you think it is?

It is Diane Feinstein’s fault! She passes liberal agenda without a thought. She is an important  cog in the liberal machine! Under her education has gone ebonic, welfare has shot up to country breaking status (we have more welfare here than the rest of the US combined!), and your rights as a sovereign are virtually non-existent!

Look at her history, examine her voting record, you will find that she stands against the constitution.

Examine the statistics of the state, it is easy to see that the state is sinking into the ocean faster than if an earthquake hit it!

Take a look at who contributes money to her campaigns! She is the poster child for the liberal slanted party, she works for the banksters, she is WORSE THAN HILLARY CLINTON!

I mean it!

I live under her reign, I see the damage she is doing to the late, great state of California, and I shudder to think of that damage magnified by 49 more states!

Look, pass on this blog, share it with the world, facebook it, tweet it, email it to anybody and everybody under the sun!

Diane Feinstein makes Hillary look like a girl scout!

Please! For God’s Sake! Don’t let her even think about the White House!

If you want to see the damage a politician can do to a country, read ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’

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