Did Israel Really Drop a Nuke on Syria?

Did the war go Atomic?

The latest news, and video, out of the war torn nation of Syria would have you believe that the Israelis dropped a nuclear bomb.

Actually there is severe evidence against this. Before we get to the evidence, let’s examine the nuke itself.

As you can see this does look like a nuke.

However, it is entirely too short a blast. A real nuke would go much higher than the close range of this cell phone video(?) would have you believe. A real nuke could go miles into the stratosphere.

Furthermore, the closeness of the picture shows it cannot be a nuke. A real nuke would engulf the video taker within seconds.

The most damning piece of evidence, however, is the fact of the film itself.

If a real nuke exploded there would be massive radiation, what is called an EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse. Such a pulse would destroy all electronics, and especially the rather flimsy electronics of a digital camera, or a…cell phone.

Beyond these obvious factors, there are a few minor ones. one of which is that there are no reports of a million people dead, but, rather a report out of Damascus which claimed 4 dead and 70 wounded.

nuclear armageddon

Here is what a real nuke looks like!

So where did the large but un-atomic explosion come from?

Apparently Israel targeted an arms shipment, and the size of the explosion was due to all the weapons Iran was shipping in to the Hezbollah.

So, did Israel drop an atomic warhead on her neighbor? Nope. Not even a small one. Not even a teensy weensy one.

The war is still at the stage where large numbers of people die the relatively slow death brought on by military actions. And the video of the nuke is merely alarmist reporting by people who are either ignorant, or wish to stir up the dogs of war with their propaganda.

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  1. Az afar
    May 5, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    U lie! U die!

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