Did the Keystone Kops Katch the Boston Bombers?

About These Bomber Guys…

by Huge Goggles

There is such a HUGE inconsistency in the bombers’ capture story, I can’t believe even the conspiracy nuts haven’t noticed it. Have you read about it? Forget the “fierce gun battle” story, that’s been debunked (you can see the older brother under arrest on video on the net.

bomber pic

Bad guy? Or fall guy?

They made him strip naked to make sure he didn’t have any bombs strapped to him. He had NO bullet holes in him and was walking normally.) So now the story is that the police captured the older brother, and the younger brother killed him by running over him with a car as the police, fearful for their own lives, jumped out of the way to save themselves. Then, the story line continues, the younger brother somehow GOT AWAY, eventually escaping ON FOOT eluding the police all the while. Yeah, right. I just like to compare that to the hail of bullets received by the guy who was playing with a garden hose nozzle on his friend’s porch in Long Beach . . . where the police ADMITTED that the guy didn’t even notice that they were there observing him, much less make a THREAT toward them. That’s how the police REALLY react to the slightest HINT of a threat. IF the younger brother tried to run down some of the cops, with probably hundreds of other cops all around, how far do you think he would have gotten in that car? How many bullets do you think would have penetrated that car and that younger brother as well as every building on that block? And if the bullets didn’t stop him, how many cop cars would have been chasing that car? Fact is, I have NO IDEA what happened between the bomber brothers and the police, and I’m pretty damn sure you and I will never know. I don’t even know if that video of the naked older brother is the real deal. But I do know a LOAD OF CRAP when I hear it. Yeah, who shot Kennedy, indeed. And, yeah, R & R (ranting and raving) really is good for the soul! Have a nice day! : )

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