Does Israel Have the Right to Go to War?

You got to fight, for the right, to…

Interesting question, as war is considered immoral, and the failure of mankind to use his brain.

In this case, the question is sparked by the fact that Israel has launched attacks against Syria, her neighbor above and slight to the right (east).

At the present time Syria is engaged in war, and the current regime, headed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is being supported by the Iranian government.

israeli army

Backs against the wall!

Herein lies the problem: Iran is shipping massive amounts of weapons to Syria. These same weapons can be used against Israel.

We are talking about possible chemical weapons, and the rockets necessary to get them into Israel.

Would Syria use chemical weapons against Israel? It certainly seems so. Syria has used such weapons of mass destruction against her own people, so why would she use them against a neighbor she really hates?

As a matter of fact, the occurrence of such a fact seems likely, as it would provide incident for the unification of the Syrian people. Once they found oyu that were waging war against Israel the people might well forget about civil war and the replacing of the Basher a;-Assad regime.

Iran, to be sure, has denied helping Syria at all, and in the same breath the Iranian army ground forces commander, Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, has proclaimed that Iran is willing to support its ally.

Further, statements of support have also been issued by Ali Akbar Velayati, who is an adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader, and by other political and important figures in the region.

Thus, does Israel have the right to wage war? This writer would think so, especially in light of the fact that other countries are gearing up their war machines, making statements of alliance, and aiming their military weapons at that beleaguered country.

In closing, this writer remembers the words of Rodney King…‘Can’t we all get along?’ And perhaps if all shipments of weapons to the region were halted.

The world should not end halt medical equipment and supplies, which is a benefit, but the weapons that cause massive and senseless injury.

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