Drone Barely Misses Obama: New Law on Books!

January 27, 2015

War on Terror Hits New Highs!

I heard this news this morning, and I started laughing so hard I couldn’t stop.
Barack Insane Obama is largely responsible for the state of drones in the United States. He’s going after terrorists, he’s going to make the world safe for democracy, and if you disagree with him then you’d better watch the skies.

Then, this morning, the number terrorist in the world, Barack Insane Obama himself, was droned.

executive order novel

executive orders

Watch the skies…

The drone wasn’t big, only two pounds, but that is large enough to hold a small packet of c4. That is large enough to take out a couple of humans, maybe even a helicopter.

And here is the funny part, the drone was being operated by an employee of the US government!

That’s right, some doofus federal employee was out flying his little, personal drone at 3 in the morning. Ostensibly, he lost control of the device. Ostensibly. Unless, of course, he was being paid by some rag head terrorist group.

And, this brings the war on terror to a whole new level.

Why should terrorists learn how to fly airliners, then hijack big, expensive planes, and then kill themselves in the effort? Why not just go down to Radio Shack and buy a drone? Heck, the US government, through its off time employee, has just proven how workable this is.

The White House, of course, claims there was no danger. Well, of course, they want to discourage unhappy doofuses and terrorists (is there a difference) from spending their hard earned money at Radio Shack, or a toy store near you.

Mr. Obama, of course, has nothing to say. But then he never has anything to say.

But you can rest assured that there will shortly be a new law on the books: a law to incarcerate, without trial or appeal or even a by your leave, ANY person who purchases a toy drone, or even looks for one on line.

Don’t forget to check out The Day thePresident Killed the United States.

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