Ebola and the End of an Empire

October 19, 2014

This is What Ebola Will Do in the Coming Months

In these days of normalcy bias ebola is all the more potent, all the more frightening. Here is a thumbnail of what is about to happen to the US.

Have you ever had the question posed to you: would you rather have a million dollars, or a penny doubled every day for a month?

ebola superflu

Terrifying apocalyptic novel penned two years before the ebola plague!

In that vein, understand that patient Zero, Tom Duncan infected two people, including a hospital worker and (apparently) a person who boarded a cruise ship for Belize. This was actually an act of cowardice by Duncan, as he knew he had the disease, but was willing to introduce a plague to the western world in hopes of being cured in Dallas. Remember his cowardice, and how an ordinary citizen may fall to that condition as well as raise above it, as we double the infection every seven days.

Week one – two people infected.

Week two – four people infected.

Slow, progress, so let’s fast forward to week Thirty.

Week 30 – 256,000,000 people infected/dead.

Go on, do the math.

The US population (according to the census clock) is currently 320,000,000.
So in 8 months we will have 80% of the US dead.
Four out of every five people.

Now, to be sure, there are other factors.

Ebola only kills 90% of the people infected, so the number will be less, as 2,560,000 will live through the infection.

There are cures, but these will be parceled out to such as the Bilderbergers and their associates and familes. A million? Optimistic for the Bilderbergers, probably a hundred thousand at most for these people.

Valuable people. People who do things such as run the IRS, Homeland Security, the CIA, and so on, will be given the cure. Again, a hundred thousand. These will be the people who enforce control on the dizzy and dazed survivors after the plague has run its course.

Now, here’s a ray of hope. Many millions of people will survive in the heartland. Those wide, open spaces provide a bit of isolation, and farmers and ranchers are the bread basket for the new world order. This is doubtless why there aren’t any FEMA camps in the heartland. We could have 20,000,000 survivors in the heartland. Off course they will be rapidly gobbled (pardon the pun) by the new world order and reduced to slavery.

And, to balance off this ‘ray of hope,’ consider that the idea of the disease merely ‘doubling’ every week is likely not real. Once more people are infected that doubling will be increased quite geometrically. It’s not unreal to consider that people will be infected at ten times the rate. There will just be too many carriers, too much contact, for a mere ‘doubling’ to maintain.

This all leads us the question: when will society break down?

Considering various factors, and this is a real crapshoot, this writer guesses that society will start breaking down at month four.

There will be sporadic incidents before then, but the double the victim rate will be at 32,000, which, other factors included, probably means hundreds of thousands will be infected. Which means that hospitals will be overwhelmed to the point of closing. Police and doctors and other people on the front line will have given up and be (literally) heading for the hills. Grocery shelves will start to empty, which will lead to immediate riots.

The riots will last only a few days, and then the mob mentality will break apart as individuals realize that rioting got them nothing, and that their only hope of survival lies in looting. Thus, the streets, and nights, will be filled with armed people invading homes, having gunfights, and fighting each other over scraps of food.

This looting mentality will last a month, and then there will be no more canned goods in the basement, and people will fall to cannablism. This will be month five.

Not to worry, however, as Homeland Security, possibly aided by foreign troops, especially the foreign troops of the UN, will come to help us. They will have been given the cure, have lots of food (purchased by the government before the plague), and lots of ammunition. They will quickly round up the survivors and put them into FEMA camps. There, they will be retrained to serve the New Wold Order.

If you agree or disagree, or have some other statistics or percentages you wish to put forth, feel free to make comment.

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