Ebola Predicted in Novel Two Years ago

October 13, 2014

Will Ebola Decimate the United States?

The prediction of Ebola, or a ‘superflu’ that decimated the United States, was detailed two years ago in the novel ‘The Day the President Killed the Untied States.’

This prediction, in the author’s estimate, wasa no brainer.

ebola superflu

Terrifying apocalyptic book written two years before the ebola plague!

He is quoted as saying, “As soon as I saw what Obama was doing to the United States it became obvious that he was planning a ‘third term’ for himself.”

The specific items that Mr. Case (the author of the novel) is referring to are:

  • The replacement of congress with ‘Czars.’
  • Executive orders giving the president supreme power.
  • Ignoring constitutional rule for cronies such as Eric Holder.
  • Use of the IRS to influence elections.
  • Use of the NSA to spy on all Americans.

The novel opens with mass distribution of ‘superflu’ germs. This method (breaking light bulbs filled with germs in subways) was actually used by the United States government in the 1950s.

The purpose of the 1950 ‘experiments’ was to ascertain effectiveness of biological warfare methods.

That the United States government was willing to do this to her own citizens, causing wide spread misery and death, is a frightful harbinger of today’s morally corrupt and truly evil government.

Each citizen should be engaged in questioning how this terrible thing could evolve out of a government that was once dedicated to sovereignty and freedom.

The novel continues with the spread of the ebola-like superflu, and here is an unexpected blessing: it follows one particular citizen’s transformation into a prepper.

In the end, the people of the United States are invaded by foreign countries who had previously ‘bought’ the United States, and now own her.

The citizens of this once great country are now faced with the frightening choices of resistance and military action.

As stated, ‘The Day the President Killed the United States’ was written two years ago.

Thus, it is predictive, but it is something more: it is unique narrative of the ‘End of Days’ for what was once the greatest nation on earth. As such it will be examined by future generations who are truly interested in methods of revolution and subversion.

The book is available on Amazon in paper or kindle.

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Ebola and the Day the President  Killed the United States.

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