Comparing the Gulf Coast Oil Spill and Chernobyl

We Should Wipe Our Hands on this Oily Deal!

As we face the worst oil spill in history I am reminded of the Chernobyl Nuclear Incident.

The Gulf Coast oil spill is, without a doubt right up there on a scale with nuclear holocaust.

Millions of people out of work. Billions of animals dead. A whole ecosystem entirely destroyed.

These are the same things that happened in Russia a couple of decade ago, with the added attraction of the a possible hole being burned right through the earth’s crust. Can anybody spell planetary destruction?

oil drilling

Thar she blows!

The Russians, at the time, actually tried to cover up the disaster. They stifled news, looked the other way, and toed the dirt while humming.

It wasn’t until the countries of the world noticed that a very dirty cloud of radiation was encircling the globe that Russia finally fessed up. Even then, they refused help and acted in a contrary manner.

Political systems, pah!

Thus, this writer wants to say thanks to the people who are forgoing finger pointing and are actually working to contain the crisis.

Yes, the oil companies are responsible, but it is doubtful that this incident occurred because of mean intent.

Rather it is an accident, a rare accident without precedence, and one hopes that the worst label that could be attributed to it would be ‘stupidly asleep.’

Should we fine the oil companies mercilessly? That would drive up the cost of gasoline.

Should we regulate, and thus choke the production of our machine’s lifeblood?

This writer holds that instead of name calling and finger pointing and punishing…we should help.

Volunteer to clean the wildlife, get prepared for the onslaught of lack of work and homelessness and such that is going to descend upon our wonderful neighbors.

And, heck, find viable energy alternatives and go with them.

Don’t bother with politics, feel the heart of America and commit yourself to it.

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