Finances and an Interesting Story About Interest


Speaking of finances, one day my wife and I bought a refrigerator. Got it from Sears for a few hundred bucks.

Time passes, we pay the bills, and I forget about the refrigerator.

One day my wife is sighing and mumbling and looking pretty distracted, and I asked her what was going on.

“Having trouble making the bills,” was her response.


Something smells!

This was curious to me. I’m not big on credit cards and payments and such, so I asked her what bills in particular were giving her trouble.

“The refrigerator.”

Ever have a moment of stop action in your head?

“Honey,” I said, “that was fifteen years ago!”

We were still paying on it.

I couldn’t believe it. Low interest, long terms, that made sense now.

“Stop paying the bill,” I said.

“But that will ruin our credit! They’ll send us to collection! They’ll–”

I reached to her desk, grabbed the bill, ripped it in two, crumpled it, threw it in the trash, and said, “They bug us enough I’ll return it.”

Which was sort of funny, because we had gotten rid of that refrigerator a couple of years previous.

Well, Sears came after us, threatened us, and we were turned over to a collection agency, telephone calls at odd times, but I didn’t care.

I had paid for the refrigerator several times over.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks.

The government is screaming that we owe money. They borrowed it, but we owe it.

So they say.

I say…what was the original loan for?

What did we buy before it all went to interest?

And, for those of you who don’t know, everything you pay goes to the IRS goes to ‘The Loan.’


Nothing is being paid off, hasn’t been paid off for years, it is just a dead refrigerator that we threw out years ago.

Do you understand where I am going with this?

The government is moaning that we will lose our credit.

But we don’t need credit.

And, our wonderful representatives are going to–watch this prediction– call for a one world currency.


I seem to remember something about a Constitution, where it said that congress was charged with responsibility for our currency.

Why is the Fed responsible?

Why is a private company doing something that the Constitution  said is congress’s business?

And why is congress doing something else other than seeing after our money?

Why are they threatening to break our constitution when it is them that took out ‘unsecured’ loans?

Do you see the analogy here?

Let them scream.

It’s time to stop paying the bill, and, here’s where it gets good…nationalize the fed.

I tell you, that is the solution to all this new world order, communist, socialist, marxist crap.

Take away the money–our money–that they are using to enslave us.

If we nationalize the fed, we won’t be taking anything away from anybody, we won’t be committing a crime, we will be firing somebody who can’t manage our money, and telling the people who are supposed to be responsible to be responsible…or their heads are on the block.

Now, that all said, I have one other thing to say: call your congressperson, tell them you aren’t going to pay for the refrigerator anymore.

There is no debt, there is only interest from something we don’t even remember, something we have already paid for a dozen times over.

Furthermore, they better nationalize the fed, and take responsibility for our money, and if I hear one peep from these idiots about a one world currency, and how everybody will suddenly stop working and starve if we don’t buckle down to a bunch of financial Hitlers…well, let me say it as politely as possible, I don’t advocate what I am about to say, I just know that it is going to happen, somebody is going to realize what the second amendment was written for…and I don’t really want that to happen!

BTW–Since that time I have never bought anything from Sears. I don’t even go in their store, and never will.

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