Chip Implant Saves Mankind!

Thank the Lord we are saved! It says so on page 1004 of Obama Care. Go ahead, look it up if you wish, I’ll wait. (tap toe, tap toe).

There! You see? You get to be the proud possessor of a class II ‘implantable radio frequency transponder!’ Aren’t you glad?

radio chip

Here we go loop de loop!

To be precise, the radio implant chip  is part of a system for patient identification and health information. Then, if you have to get medical information anywhere, the docs can just scan your bar code and know be able to diagnose your ailment exactly and with no doubt!

Heck, they can even upload you to the mainframe and get the computer to diagnose you!

Now, I know there are people that say this is dangerous, but those people are dangerous, and possibly (probably) even have AGP (Anti Government Phobia).

After all, the idea that the chip could be used for other purposes, such as to track you down when you owe taxes, to find you when you are trying to avoid being put in a FEMA camp for your own good…well, let’s just say that the world is full of silly people.

The government would never, ever, never do anything to you that would harm you , get in the way of foodstamps, or interfere with your ability to elect who they want.

To be sure, there may be some problems in implementing this program. After all, there are these durned people who insist on sovereignty (whatever the heck that is), and think they have a right to do things that aren’t for the common good as prescribed by government. Durned fools!

But, the implantation will be done, you can bet your bottom dollar on that!

First, the prisoners FEMA camp or otherwise, will get the chip. They aren’t really citizens, anyway, right?

Then maybe a scare program, ‘Your child might be abducted by terrible big rapists who will never be caught but thank the Lord that your child has his grade A, government prescribed, raw milk free Radio Transponder!’

Then the Ipod crowd will go. Somebody will just make an App so you can watch your own heart beat in time to your itunes music, but you have to have a transponder chip to make it work! Yippee!

The last to go will be anybody who wants to get a tax refund, a car license, a better finance rate on their houses, or maybe just a pass to ride in the carpool lane.

So it will happen, and it is the best for us, and you’d better get on board before somebody has to call 1-800-homeland on you!

Remember, Obamacare says you have to have it within 36 months, so get your Implant now and avoid the Third Year Rush!

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