Burt Reynolds Heart Attack Scare!

Smokey and the Bandit Star Health Problems!

Burt Reynolds is an iron man. He has been a college football player and an actor and a pretty good fellow. No hint of scandal, and lifetime of hard work. Thus, we are relieved at the news that he has successfully undergone quintuple bypass heart surgery.

Bypass surgery is when the arteries of the heart are clogged, and the doctors have to create other channels for the blood to flow through the heart. While it sounds scary, the procedure has become commonplace, and a testament to American medical technology.

smokey and the bandit

Here today...gone tomorrow?

Burt is of Irish and Cherokee descent, a combination that resulted in rugged good looks and a charming persona.

He began his acting career in New York and put in his dues, working odd jobs and studiously learning his craft.

His first real notice was as Quinton Asper in the TV series Gunsmoke,and he moved smoothly but surely through the ranks of actors and was the star of two television series, Hawk and Dan August.

His friend, Clint Eastwood, recommended that he try his hands at ‘spaghetti westerns,’ which he did, and which led him to roles in movies.

At one point in his career, after Sean Connery left the James Bond franchise, Burt was offered the part of James Bond, which he refused because he felt that an American shouldn’t play that British role.

Burt starred in a number of roles over the years, but he will always be remembered for Smokey and the Bandit, in which he was a swaggering, fast driving trucker who gave Sheriff Buford T. Justice a real run for his money.

Of note, also, is the high quality of acting he played in the movie Deliverance. He held his ground playing in the company of such actors as Ned Beatty and Jon Voight.

At the present time Burt is 74 years of age, and we look forward to more years of his charm and talent.

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