Casey James the Most Cool Contestant on American Idol!

Americna Idol rocks the house!

That Casey James is the most cool contestant on American Idol goes without a doubt, but there is a reason. Casey, you see comes from the town of Cool.

Cool, Texas. 200 working Americans 40 miles west of Fort Worth.

american idol contestant

The golden voice of Casey James

Thus, it could easily be said that Casey is the biggest thing that ever happened in Cool.

The town believes so.

A teacher has made a shrine in her classroom. The local theater marquee touts him. Banners are hung at the high school. And handmade signs proclaim Casey as The King of Cool!

Casey got his start in music in Cool by strumming the guitar on the front porch, then, a little older, helping his mother’s band play festivals.

Still later, he started his own band, The Casey James Band, and he played every kind of music that he could, and in every coffee house, biker bar, or alternative rock club that would have him.

Working for tips and learning his licks. Walking the land with guitar in hand.

Casey worked hard, and progressed to the point where people knew him, and, eventually, to where audiences rose to their feet in acclaim.

Eventually he was noticed, and signed by promoters, and became wildly known throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

And, as can happen in the case of a talented, swinging, golden locked, not too hard to look at musician, he became something of a thing for the gals.

Still, feet on the ground, he dedicates himself to his music, developing that unique and funky. Texas sound.

Is he the King of Cool on American Idol?

You betcha, and his secret is that he came from Cool.

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