Dennis Rodman Stops the Impending War with North Korea!

The Worm Turns…on North Korea!

Dennis Rodman, also known as ‘The Worm,’ is taking a personal interest in the North Korean nation, and as sure as basketballs bounce, you just know that there will be no war.

Rodman, as anybody who hasn’t been honeymooning in Alaska knows, has become bosom buddies with the supreme and awesome ultimate leader of dictatorland, Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong Un, as anybody who hasn’t been hunting lions with a slingshot knows, has been threatening to lob a few nukes into the heart of the western world.

dennis rodman

He'll do it or it's voodoo time!


No matter that he doesn’t really have much in the way of nukes, no matter that he doesn’t have a trebuchet large enough to do the job, when the fantastic and sexually appealing great dictator lends his slightest attention to something, you just know it is going to happen.

Mr. Rodman personally, with his own rather large digits, sent out a personal tweet to the world in which he stated: “I’m calling on the Supreme Leader of North Korea or as I call him ‘Kim,’ to do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose.”

Kenneth Bae is the fellow from America who went to North Korea and then threatened to tell the world that North Korea has prison camps, or some other rather droll thing. As if, like duh, the world didn’t already know that!

Enter The Worm, and all the really tense stuff has like evaporated. You know, like disappeared!

That is the power of The Worm.

Dennis Rodman, as anybody who hasn’t been trying to make out with the wicked witch of the west knows, was a great basketball player. In that roll he handled rather large fellows who could beat up the common man with a pinkie, and he did it with flare and verve. Thus, there can be no doubt that he will be able to handle Kim Jong-Un, who is short and, to be honest, doesn’t know one end of a basketball from another.

Word has it that The Worm might even get Kim to wear a dress and sport some facial piercing.

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