Move Over Lady Gaga, Lord Gaga to Appear on Ellen Degeneris!

Lord Gaga is only 11 years old!

Lady Gaga better look out, some real competition is coming. Greyson Michael Chance is a sixth grader, and at a school recital he recently belted out Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. As students looked on, jaws dropped and eyes blinking…and just a few hearts a fluttering, young Lord Greyson established himself as a musical prodigy.

He worked the piano better than Elton, and belted the tune better than Billy. Slender and slightly slouched, the start of a Beatles mop, his dutiful digits scoured the keyboard with gusto. This young maestro does have tons of talent.

michael chance

Greyson Michael Chance


Indeed, the young master did a complex tune fantastically well, and when Lady Gaga sees what has been done to her song, she will know that she has been done proud.

So proud that the video is going viral on the net, attracting thousands of viewer within slight hours.

So proud that the young rocker has been scheduled by Ellen DeGeneres to appear on The Ellen Show on Thursday!

Lord Gaga, if you will, claims to be inspired by Lady Gaga and Augustana. He admits Lady Gaga is freaky, but wants to play her style of music as he gets older.

His current style of music is already pretty good, as he writes his own songs, and said songs are of a mature and thoughtful content.

His other fav band, Augustana, is relatively unknown, which should not be the case for long.

Lord Gaga, you see, has pronounced, and the world will follow.

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