Survivor: Hero v Villain, Male v Female, Stupid v Smart

Schizophrenic Survivor Series

This weeks Survivor episode seemed to describe certain lines, which lines bear a frightening resemblance to society at large.

This season promised a Villain v Hero theme, and it has delivered. Though there is a parity, the Villains seem to hold some invisible advantage over the good guys. Honestly, the Villains seem a little smarter. They seem to understand the Heros, and are willing to undertake the swift kick to a comrade’s groin.

survivor tv show

Backbite, betray, begrudge...when will it all end?


The heros, in spite of this apparency, move slowly, like logs in a log jam, or stupified lemmings on the way to the ocean.

Underneath this play of morality v intelligence is the theme of male v female. This is an intriguing bit of dirt, and it has been evident in prior seasons. The females just seem more prone to gang together and dispatch the males.

Are the females smarter? Logically, no, but on an island away from larger, male dominated society, emotionally…yes. The females are just able to bond quicker, and are more delighted at dispatching the males, than the males are at dispatching the females.

Witness Machiavellian Russell, who deep sixes Boston Rob earlier in the season. Boston Rob was strong enough to take Russell to the finals. A smart move would have been to go male v female, and keep the strength to gain immunity intact. Cleverness is not always smart, however, and Russell tossed Rob under the bus and allied himself with the Queen of Smirk, Parvati.

Parvati, snickering at all, hogged immunity, betrayed Russell by never revealing her immunity, and gathered her brood of chicks closer and ever closer.

Russell, for all his conniving, never even saw it.

Sandra told him, face to face what was happening, and yet the mighty midget remained clueless and convinced that he was, uh, larger than he was..

These two king/queen pins bicker and betray, lie and cheat, and yet one will reign supreme, and this writer bets it will be Parvati.

So, we are left with the Villains winning, the female winning, and, let’s face it, smart winning.

Is this our society in a bottle? Is our country split apart by villainous schemes and alliances? Are we too dumb to see it? Are we an island of democracy where, female like, we bully intelligence and smirk our way to pavarti…uh, poverty?

Well, maybe, but we won’t know until the next episode of Survivor.

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