A Simple Explanation of Ratings

I’ve done the ratings pretty quickly, but there is a logic that is pretty understandable.

1 ~ treason – should be removed.

2 ~ poor – improve or remove.

3 ~ okay – a common doofus, waiting for something to happen.

4 ~ good – this guy/gal is stepping forward and doing good things. Keep him in.

5 ~ excellent – a hero, this guy/gal is standing against the odds and being a statesman. Support him and support the people hjs supports.


How I have assigned ratings

Obviously, I haven’t followed the careers of over 600 politicians. But there are certain obvious factors, most of which people ignore.

The Democratic Party was bought by George Soros in the 90s. This is described in fair detail in the book ‘The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party of today is still reeling from what those nefarious people have done, and so Democrats get a two star rating, unless they stand out for some reason or other.

The Republican Party of today has gone into orbit around the Democratic Party. The Repubs don’t stand for much, and if it wasn’t for Donald Trump they would just sit around and pick their noses. They get a there star rating, and we are waiting for them to get some backbone.


What it All Means

This site is about rating people according to two factors.

One factor is truth. Do they tell the truth or not? More truth, higher rating. Less truth lower rating.

The other factor is how well they follow the Constitution.

For instance, to take on one red hot issue: Do they try to undercut the second amendment with arbitrary and biased laws? Or do they respect the law, as framed by the Founding Fathers?

For instance, to take on another red hot issue: Do they believe in open borders? Or do they believe in the rule of law and that people have the right to ‘lock their back doors?’


Here is the Crux of the Matter

I don’t care if people have guns or not, or whether s-omebody wants to be a sanctuary state. But if they do care…CHANGE THE LAW!

Don’t undercut it, thinking that your single vote is more important than every other vote just because you have a belief.


How to Change the Ratings

Very easy. Simply email me at aganzul@gmail.com. Write less than a 100 words, include links, and tell me why I should change a rating and what to.

Obviously, you may have effect, or you may not. And I will write you back, if only to thank you for being a concerned sovereign.

In the case of the Democrats, you’re working up hill. They have to break out from the shadow of Soros and his power hungry cohorts and find a more constitutional path.

So I think you should examine data, be calm and logical, don’t base everything on a single case or a belief system, and consider writing to your representative.


If you wish to support this Project

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Have a great and honest day!

Al Case


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