How to Find the Truth in this Crazy World

July 28, 2014

A Breakdown of Truth

When I was a young man, just starting out, had only written a few articles, I realized a truth.

If you want a headline, and not much more, watch TV.
If you want an outline of something, read a newspaper.
If you want more in depth analysis, read a magazine.
If you want hard facts, read a book.

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Mind you, this was an earlier time, I had grown up before Veet Nam, and the corruption of the media had not been completed.
So, with a few more year on me, a little more grey in my beard, here is my revised analysis of how to get to the truth in this here wacky society.

If you want to be brain dead, watch sit comes. They are so bad the producers have to tell you when to laugh.
If you want absolute lies, watch the hourly news on TV.
If you want 30% of the truth, watch Fox News Channel. But you’re going to have to realize that it is still entertainment, just designed to please those of us who want truth, but can’t quite figure it out.
If you want 40% of the truth, watch Fox and watch the liberal equivalents. You’ll end up feeling like you’re taking LSD in a funhouse, and I don’t envy you the task of unscrewing the absurdities.
If you want 50% of the truth, read magazines, but remember that they are a failing enterprise and will lie to keep customers.
If you want 60% of the truth read some books, but remember that most books are tied in with the media, and are not good for toilet paper.
If you want 70% of the truth, go to the internet and search. At least the people who lie to you will be shucks like yourself.
If you want 80% of the truth, give up the news and go meditate in a commune somewhere outside of Northern California.
If you want 100% of the truth, ignore all of the above, and go about your life. Treat your customers fairly, stay away from political discussions, and be true to your wife.

I recommend The Daily Neutron as a good place to start for your news. The editor is the most honest liar I know.

Check out ‘The Day thePresident Killed the United States.’ Great Fn read, but you better hold on to your pants, the picture it paints is NOT nice!

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