Finding Out Who the True Enemies Are

People Who Spy Against Us

The various people who refuse to back Trump are telling us something important.

I am speaking of such people as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen John McCain, Warren Buffet, Kelly Ayote, the Bushes, Mitt Romney, and many, many others.


Do you want to be ruled by George Soros?

These people are going against their party. They are going against the wishes of the people who have nominated Trump, and they are playing into the hands of the Democratic party. Or perhaps we should say…’The Party of Hillary.’

These people, in withholding their approval, stand against Trump and the wishes of the people, and that reveals them to be something else: were these people in the ‘employ’ of the people who own Hillary Clinton all along?

It is a matter of record that George Soros inspired (and funded?) the Shadow Party, which basically usurped the Democratic party.

There are doubtless people behind Soros, and the tentacles of these people reach far.

Could these people have bought McCain? Could they have supported the Bushes? Could they be pulling the strings for Romney and all the other turncoat Republicans?

It is an idea which one must consider.

After all, the Democratic party has used the IRS to attack Republicans, they have corrupted the justice department, and there is much speculation that they have actually corrupted the very electoral process for the president of the United States.

Why else would these people go against their party and the people of the country?

Why would Romney lose an election he had won, and suddenly appear years later to attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the works of the Trumpster?

Why would McCain not stand against the president as the speaker, as the one who controls the purse strings?

Why would the Bushes show such disapproval? Especially after Jeb Bush gave HIS WORD to support the Republican nominee?



Insidious spies of the worse kind, working under cover to make the Trumpster stumble and slow, and to destroy and corrupt the process as they can?

So this is the message: if somebody supposedly Republican, definitely conserevative, stands against Trump, they are proving their true allegiance.

If they vote for Hillary, an accused felon, a possible traitor to the country, the constitution, and the people, then aren’t they demonstrating who they really are?

And do you want them back in office?

Send them a letter. Tell them what you think. Accuse them of being spies for Hillary and her masters.

It’s possibly the best way to support Donald Trump.


Read: The Bomber’s Story. It is a novel based on fact which depicts how the United States has been corrupted and controlled.

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