Flame Retardants Make for Better Retards!

Government Mandated Chemicals Destroy Intelligence!

Excuse the politically incorrect headline, but it has been proven that the chemicals in flame retardants cause lower IQ, and if offending a few people saves some kids, then you can put up with it!

We are talking about flame retardants in furniture, mattresses, children’s clothing, and all sorts of other things.

The fact is that it is law that flame retardants be put into various things. Congress, in their benevolent wisdom, has decreed that we be protected.

flame retardant clothing

Fire retardants are used everywhere!

A classic example of big brother minding our business.

You see, the same law that protects us makes us stupider. For the flame retardant health effects are that a child sleeping under a blanket that has been ordered by the washington bureaucrats will grow stupider and stupider.

It might be interesting to note whether the lessening of the common people’s IQ, the ‘dumbing down’ that people speak of, began to occur when laws were passed requiring manufacturers to put flame retardants in various products.

The initial testing that proved fire stopping chemicals were harmful was done on 300 pregnant ladies. Offspring of these ladies showed problems with behavior and cognition difficulties during early childhood. The specific chemical at fault was polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).

If the mother had higher levels of PBDEs, children showed a corresponding decrease of intelligence to the tune of 4 IQ points. It doesn’t seem a lot, until you consider all the other chemicals that are in the environment, and the potentially accumulated harmful effects.

In some cases of enforced ‘chemicalization,’ a rare few, the government has backed up and rescinded the laws. Unfortunately, we have several layers of government to contend with.

In California, for instance, flame retardant usage is now required by law (California Technical Bulletin 117. Furniture made in the great nany state of California are shipped everywhere, so the contagion continues.

So we come to the solution. One, force lawmakers to ingest massive amounts of PBDEs…until they become so stupid they can’t pass anymore laws.

Barring that unlikely solution, buy furniture and other such goods that are made in a state other than California, and, for heaven’s sake, don’t let your child wear clothes, sleep on a bed, or go in a house where the dreaded flame retardant chemicals could be in use.

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