And what it really means.

Why I Became a Constitutionalist ~ Constitution or Bust!

Why California Should Sink Into the Ocean…and Why Nobody Should Care!Bye Bye Miss American Pie…

Why a Constitutional Convention is NOT a Good Idea! ~ What Would a Constitutional Convention Really Do?

First Illegal Immigration, Now Ethnic Studies! ~ Immigration hits a Hot Spot!

Prez Obama Takes Techsters To Task! Bill Gates Deported to Kenya! ~ Our High Tech Pres Does It Again!

15 States to Secede from the Union! ~ A Most Civil Civil War

Why Police Officers Don’t Have To Pay Their Tickets! ~ Just the facts, ma’am…

Big Government and Why It Should Cease to Be! ~ By Ron Paul.

George Washington’s Vision at Valley Forge ~ Amazing vision by America’s Founder!

Go Ahead…Kill an American! ~ Go ahead, kill an American…you’ll end up killing yourself!

Kitty Werthmann Lived Through Adolf Hitler! ~ Words of warning from someone who was there.

The Shoe Bomber Finally Has His Day in Court! ~ He’s a heel with no sole.

America! Love It or Leave it! ~ A list of Government Idiot-Sink-Crazies

This has been a page about  the price of Freedom!

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