15 States to Secede from the Union!

A Most Civil Civil War

UPDATE: All 50 states have signed petitions for secession since this article was written.

What an interesting title, 15 states to secede, and I keep coming across it in my net peruses. Apparently over 300,000 people have signed petitions for their states to secede, and it is expected that millions more will sign.

individual states

The United States is rapidly becoming a black hole.

The United States actually has a history of states that have seceded. There is some mighty interesting googling if one looks for republics that have seceded, aside from the confederacy, from the union.

Free Republic of Franklin
The Vermont Republic
Republic of Muskogee
Republic of West Florida
Republic of indian Stream

And there are more.

There are many complications when a state tries to secede, but, it can be done. If a state petitions the president for secession, that can be granted. It takes a few votes, and a president who doesn’t like ruling too many states, but it can be done.

Two states, to my knowledge, having entered the union as republics, actually have the right to secede.

California was a republic, but its claim is weak.

Texas, on the other hand, is supposed to be able to secede with just a common vote of the people.

Most people, of course, chuckle at the idea of a state seceding, but the fact that the subject is coming up, and large amounts of people are signing petitions, does tend to make one think.

The truly interesting question, however, is what would happen if a state did decide to secede.

When the confederacy left the union nothing was done, and so the confederates thought they could get away with it. Then Abe Lincoln took office.

Would Barack Obama care if the United States decided to resolve? A question of some significance, considering his divisive policies. If he did nothing, then the secession might well succeed. States would have different currencies. Federal presence (IRS, FBI, etc.) would be removed from new republics. Law enforcement would run into a snag, as criminal could once again cross state–now republic–lines to get away with their crimes.

And, of course, there is the end to federal dollars, and a return to an actual constitution, be it state instigated as opposed to federal.

While this writer is fascinated by talk of secession, there is actually a much easier method for handling the problems of the United States.

A constitutional convention could be called, and the corporate United States could be dissolved, the contract canceled, and the original constitution made the law of the land. This would result in an instant end to public assistance (welfare), dollars to other countries, a return to the gold standard, an instant end to IRS, FBI, and so on.

While most people hold secession, or even a constitution convention, as a virtual impossibility, one thing is certain: the policies of the federal government, the looming ‘fiscal cliff,’ are going to result in something.

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