First Illegal Immigration, Now Ethnic Studies!

Immigration hits a Hot Spot!

The heat is getting to be too much in the kitchen, so Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, famous for the SB1070 Illegal Immigrant brouhaha, has decided to hop into the oven.

The redoubtable Ms Brewer has just signed a bill which puts the skids on classes which teach certain aspects of Mexican-American history.

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Hard stand...or needed reform?

There was, and continues to be, a terrific backlash in connection with Governor Brewer’s Immigration Bill, and this latest bill promises to be just as volatile. And, there will no doubt be confusion as to whether to cheer her or throw rotten eggs.

The latest bill, you see, is not aimed at suppressing studies in ethnic diversity, but rather at ending courses which teach that people of Mexican heritage are being suppressed by white people.

Yes, one can argue that Governor Brewer is ending a popular and important class which offers an important social education.

But, one can also argue that students should not be taught racism.

As with the last bill, there are shadings to be understood.

The point of contention with SB1070 is that it encourages profiling, but the charge is deflected when it is understood that profiling is not encouraged, and that police can’t ‘profile’ a person until after they have been contacted in connection with an actual crime.

The point of contention with the ethnic studies bill is that, while cultural appreciation is appreciated, no American likes to teach racism.

One should remember, when assessing the points of this latest bill that the point of it is not to stop the teaching of culture, but to stem the teaching of any solidarity or resentment.

In one Arizona district there over 60,000 students, of which about 31,000 are Hispanic. Thus, the signing of this latest law moves into an area with much potential for disagreement.

One thing is sure, love her or hate her, Governor Brewer knows how to standup and be noticed.

1 comment for “First Illegal Immigration, Now Ethnic Studies!

  1. Ronnysgirl
    May 22, 2013 at 10:29 am

    That’s absolutely crazy! We keep ourselves down!
    Anyone can make it with hard work & determination!

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