Police Are Buying guns Back, But Is it Working?

The Value of the Los Angeles Gun Buy Back

Los Angeles is doing a big gun buyback. They are purchasing weapons to get them off the streets, out of the hands of criminals, away from the curious fingers of children. The sad truth is that it is probably necessary. It wasn’t always so, however.

My father had a Winchester rifle, a .22, I believe, when he was 11 years old. This would have been about 1914, and everything he shot wound up on the family table, and the family was pretty darned glad he had a gun.

gun control

Whens guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!

He joined the coast guard at 19, around 1932, to escape The Great Depression. While his brothers took care of grandma, he sent money home. While the coast guard is not known as one of the fiercer branches of the military, he had to learn how to use all sorts of weapons.

World War II came along, and the Coast Guard became part of the navy. My father learned how to use all the weapons any soldier had to know how to use. And he used them.

After the war children came along, me among them, and I remember being four years old and looking at his carbine. And he took the time to let me see the carbine, to actually hold it and ask questions and be in awe, and he said, in tones that singed into my brain so that I knew that this was one rule that was not to be broken: “You’re not allowed to touch this weapon.”

And I would never break that rule, but I did have one last question for him: “Daddy, who won the war?”

He didn’t look at me, just put his rifle in the closet and muttered that pithy, old saying, “Nobody wins a war,” and I knew it to be truth.

Guns. A necessary tool, an evil in the hands of some, we need them to guarantee freedom, but I sure do hope the great Los Angeles gun buy back is effective.

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