Prez Obama Takes Techsters To Task! Bill Gates Deported to Kenya!

Our High Tech Pres Does It Again!

During Mr. Obama’s speech at Hampton University on Sunday, gamesters and Technsters, and Apple in particular, took it on the chin.

During his speech Mr. Obama referred to games and communication devices such as Ipods and Ipads as distractions. He wishes for people to give up and knuckle down so that the country can have a better life. One can only assume that Mr. Obama believes that a better life is defined as one without electronics.

But Mr. Obama carries a Blackberry! And not just any Blackberry…a super high tech, spy proof smartphone with features so incredible that our redoubtable president has stated that he won’t give it up…that somebody will have to pry it from his hands.

president iphone

Good for me, but you can go cry.


Now why, given the president’s predilection for talkee devices, would he lambast upon games, and upon Apple?

Is there something wrong with being able to talk? Which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?

Is there something wrong with playing games? Which could conceivably fall under the ‘Pursuit of Happiness?’

Or is there some other devious and sinister plot going on here?

Does he own stock in a software company yet to be named?

Is he planning to take over the computer bizness (give a whole new meaning to the term G phone, doesn’t it?) and come out with his own devices? Maybe chips to be implanted under the skin?

Or, here’s a thought, he is going to sell Microsoft to Kenya!


The prez is going to ship Bill Gates to Kenya!

Just remember that you heard it first here, and remember this, too: Mr. Prez, if you want my Ipod, you’re going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands!

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