Why California Should Sink Into the Ocean…and Why Nobody Should Care!

Bye Bye Miss American Pie…

There have been many warnings as to the coming of The Big One, and the resulting slide of California into the ocean. None of these warnings have panned out.
However, that said, there is one big reason why California should sink into the ocean, and Nevada should inherit the rising price of beachfront property. Opaqueness.

california state government

California sinks...people cheer!

Opaqueness is when somebody can’t see through something. It is especially odious when it comes to government. A government that is a republic, that stands for freedom should be transparent. People should be able to see the issues clearly, and BE ABLE TO SEE WHERE THEIR ELECTED OFFICIALS STAND ON THE ISSUES! That is the crux of the matter.

There is a test called ‘The Political Courage Test.’ In this test candidates merely have to answer where they stand on an issue. Doesn’t matter where they stand, just that they own up to what they believe. The company that puts this test out is at Votesmart(dot)org.

I checked out guvner Moonbeam, and he refused to take the test. He won an election without taking a stand on the issues. He is in office, and nobody really knows what he believes in.

I checked out the first ten representatives, which included the two senators from the state and the lustrous Nancy Pelosi, and only one of the ten, Representative Lynn C. Woolsey, took the test. I spot checked a few reps down the list, but the statistic of not taking the test seemed to hold.

Further, some rather interesting facts have come out of the test. Parity (of non participation) between parties, national committees advising representatives not to take the test, and so on.

Thus, California has an opaque government. From governor down, with but a few exceptions, the reps refuse to take a stand, to reveal what they really believe in, and that means that nobody in California, from welfare recipient to CEO, knows what their elected politicians believe in, nor what they will do.

Freedom? Nah.

Belief in polls over honesty? Yup.

I know California is a blue state, but Republicans are in the same fold: spout sound bites and conceal…and therein lie the seeds of corruption.

To conceal who you are is to admit to being a liar…is to admit to being corrupt.

Check out your own state. See if your representatives are worse than those of California. See if your state, too, should slide into the ocean, be lost without a whimper, for being corrupt, for being traitor to the ideals of a Republic, for being opaque.

I look forward to your conclusions.

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