GOP Seeks to Destroy Overtime Pay!

Government Finds New Way to Screw Business Owners!

Well, isn’t it interesting, the GOP, the Grand Old Party, has come up with a new gimmick to separate people from their money.

The GOP doesn’t bother with taxes, they leave that to Obama, knowing that raising taxes isn’t all that popular. No, they come up with new and creative methods for squeezing money out of people.

republican party

Republican elephant just keeps getting fatter!


The latest gimmick is under the guise of giving people choice. You can get money for your work, or you can take time off.

Wait a minute! Work or take a hike? What the heck is the federal government doing interjecting such folderol into the private sector.

I know there are some readers who might be saying so what, what’s wrong with a little choice, and that sort of thing, so let me explain.

The next step is for the government to tell you whether you will get paid, or take time off. No choice.

This is just one more of those chiseling away intermediate steps that the government takes to deprive us off life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is choice now, but no choice later.

The same as with the income tax, and countless other government ploys.

The point here is that the government shouldn’t be interjecting itself into the relationship between employees and employers.

Heck, if somebody wants extra time off, they go to the boss and tell him why, and the boss balances that against what the company needs, and decisions are made.

Now, through the illusion of choice, the worker would be able to save up time, and it doesn’t matter what the company needs, the worker can take off.

Do you see how this puts one more screw in the lid of the coffin of private business?

It is called private business for a reason, and the government should learn this and butt out!

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