All the government we’ll ever need!

A Foolproof Plan to Totally End Government Corruption!Government Corruption Should End NOW!

Why an Advertising Tax is a Good Tax! Time to Tax Hollywood

What the Facts State About Arizona’s Immigration Law About AB 1070

Social Security and The Truth! Social Security has gone belly up!

The United States Government is Destroying the Nation! All enemies, foreign and…DOMESTICATE!

United States Senators Deliberately Lower their Own IQ! Why would anybody deliberately make themselves stupider?

Obama Arming Federal Agencies with Hollow-Point Bullets? Is the Government Getting Ready for Civil War?

United States Citizens Approve of Government in National Election! Man, are those Senators doing a good job!

Barack Obama Ultimate Campaign Poster Politics defies ALL intelligence, and so do the idiots that voted for this bozo.

Social Security Now Called Federal Benefit/Entitlement! One More Federal ‘Giveaway?’

President Obama’s Classmate Speaks Out Recent History with Huge Ramifications

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