A Foolproof Plan to Totally End Government Corruption!

Government Corruption Should End NOW!

What I would like, would really, really like, would be lie detector tests for government officials.

I know, this idea gets thrown up every once in a while, sort of like a party favor, and it’s not going to fly. It’s against the Constitution of the United States. It invades privacy. But, the way around this is to make it voluntary.

Who would you vote for, a guy who stands up and says, ‘I passed my lie detector test! I’ve been proven honest!” Or, a guy who says, “I won’t take one of those because they might be wrong, because it is an invasion of privacy, because….”

government corruption

You scratch my back, and…BAH!

So let’s consider this a little further.

The questions on the test don’t have to be an invasion of privacy. Just a couple of careful questions, like, “Have you ever made money illegally.” If he’s honest, he doesn’t have to worry about anything, right?

Or, “Have you made money from information you gained while in office?” We could probably call this one the ‘Insider Trading’ question. Right, Nancy? Heh heh!

Or, here’s a good one, “Are you a Natural Born United States citizen?”

The test shouldn’t be done with the idea of busting people, merely to ascertain whether we want to vote for them or not. If a person is honest, if his qualifications prove out, then we can talk the issues honestly, without the shadow of corruption interfering.

I know, there are some people who can fool a lie detector. But not as many as you might think, and if a person does manage to fool the lie detector, then he will eventually be found out because he will be surrounded by people who didn’t fool the lie detector.

Furthermore, there are companies out there who demand a lie detector test before they will hire. I once worked for one and was required to take a lie detector test.

The tester hooked me up, asked me a series of questions, and then we had a few minutes and it was my turn to ask him questions. First question I had for him was, “Did I pass?”

He laughed and said, and I am not making this up, “You are the most honest person I have ever tested, but I can’t figure out why you aren’t in jail.” I might add that he did the lie detector tests for a Police Department in the San Jose area.

With that dubious distinction, I felt sort of sad, and I observed, “I guess they won’t hire me.”

He stopped chuckling and said, “Actually, they’ll snap you up. They don’t care what you’ve done…they just want to know that you are honest.” And, they did hire me.

So these questions can be made safe and sane, and done voluntarily they don’t need to be released, even if there is a failure to pass. Heck, they aren’t really an invasion of privacy if they stay with the person who initiated the test, right? Nobody needs to know what was in them, merely that the person passed, and they could even be turned over to and destroyed by the person who took the test.

The point here is that we don’t have to make our politicians take lie detector tests. All we have to do is run for office ourselves, and be able to hold up a passed lie detector test as part of our qualifications.

Look, where does Washington get its politicians? They get them from the states. And the states get them from the communities. So we don’t have to make Washington honest, we just have to run for mayor of Townville, Ohio, or Citystump, California, or some other small town. Then, having been elected, we are eligible for the next rung on this ladder. In this way we permeate the governing system from the ground up.

So, who is it going to be? Which one of you talkers out there is going to spring for a lie detector test. You’ll probably win an election, or least force your opponent to take a lie detector test also. Either way, corruption in government is on the quick wane.

If you think that government corruption is a problem, then you should read the words of Ron Paul!

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