United States Citizens Approve of Government in National Election!

Man, are those Senators doing a good job!

Here it is, the day after a national election, and there is only one conclusion: the united states citizens approve of the government, and the direction that the government is going in!

Oh, I know there is a lot of foofaraw (whatever that is) about Republiscams taking over the house, and the tea party causing all sorts of grief for the real parties, but one merely has to look at the statistics to forced into agreeing with me.

united states government

US Government plans for the future!

You see, the Republiscams won a bunch of seats, and…that bunch of seats is only 20%. Now, if you follow my logic, that means that 80% of the country is doing the same old same old, and that means…the citizens just graded the government a B!

Heck, the old, evil villain, Nancy Peloskioskioffski, is still lurking in the shadows, ready to do her evil best. Harry ‘The Red’ Reid angled his way to another win. And Barack ‘the warlord’ Obama…oh, I know he wasn’t up for election…but nobody penciled him into the ‘write out’ box sufficient to vacate the white house.

So we’re doing great! Proven by election! And you can’t argue with the people.

And, not to lose the interest of 49 other states, but out here in Calyfornyuh…Governor Moonbeam is back in office! There is some consternation as to how this could happen when the mairyjane initiative didn’t pass, but heck, why look a gift governor in the mouth…The Guvernator is dead! Long live the Moonbeam!

And Barbara Boxcar held on against all odds. And, I have to share this with you, nobody can figure out what she has ever done while in office. Seriously. But at least she isn’t out on the street, homeless (sniff), and…

Aw heck. There’s nowhere to go with this. I’ve actually managed to obfuscate myself–I don’t know what I’m saying. Don’t laugh, you were reading this, and you have no idea what I’m saying, either! Hah!

But, you see, I came across this ‘grading’ idea, and it struck me funny, didn’t make much sense, but I thought I should share it. It is sort of funny, isn’t it?

Have a great day.

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