The United States Government is Destroying the Nation!

United States Government is the Enemy of the People!

To understand how the United States Government killed the United States of America one needs understand only one thing. This is a simple thing, yet it is crucial to understanding how a country works. This one thing is that society depends upon the flow of commerce.

This is actually part of Neutronic Theory. Neutronic Theory is not junk science that you will see on infomercials or in support of global warming. Neutronics deals with observing and analyzing how the universe is constructed, and how it actually works.

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Enemies foreign and...domestic!


Neutronic Theory holds that life is a wave form. Simply, life goes up and down in gentle motions. Government, of course, does not believe in a wave form, it believes in a straight line…and stopping the straight line.

Thus, the original government of the United States was designed around the concept that people were free to produce. It was understood that as life occurred, as commerce happened, there would be a gentle wave form, and an unrestricted free market would cure any ills. Government’s only real province, if you examine the constitution, was to protect the country against foreign nations.

Thus, the government was empowered to use ‘choke points’ to control foreign countries. Simply, commerce was restricted, constricted, if you will, by government’s ability to control the inflow of commerce to the country. Government was actually restricted from interfering with daily commerce between people, and the country without restriction from within or without, grew faster than any nation had eve grown in the history of the world.

Now, the power of the United States Government being severely limited, the weakness of the concept was in the gluttony of the individual for power. Individuals who went to work for government simply broke the constitution, and began to grab power. Power, in this instance, comes from the ability to restrict, or induce, the flow of commerce. Thus, the public servant gave himself the power to stop commerce.

There is no joy in opening the floodgates, you see. But if you can stop somebody from doing something, then he has to come to you, hat in hand, and ask ‘please.’ Therein lies the power of the government.

To rectify this situation one need merely do one thing: isolate and negate every person, every law, every agency, or whatever that stops commerce. That means to get rid of the IRS, get rid of interstate regulation, get rid of those who control the airwaves, the food, the medicine, or anything that can be sold and is of benefit to humanity…this does not mean to stop NASA, or the Smithsonian, or such agencies, as they have real function. The point here is that the federal government should be directed to restrict foreign countries from abusing us, make them earn the right to do business with us, and to stay out of the business of individuals and states…let our commerce go; set our commerce free.

This page has been about the United States Government.

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