United States Senators Deliberately Lower their Own IQ!

United States Senators Really Dumb as a rRokkc!

July 22, 2009 by alcase

Good Lard what an incredibly delicious day! The sun is shining, the clouds have rolled back, and it makes you want to break into song:

Oh, I got plenty of nothin’! And nothin’ is…

you get the idea.

Couple of short thoughts.

We don’t have a health care crisis, we have an insurance crisis.

You can get all the health care you want, insurance just means you want somebody else to pay for it.

We have health care. Somebody wants to sell us insurance.

why would Bam want to sell us insurance?


i am your best friend.

To make money.

That’s why people do anything, to make money.

The funny thing is, any time the gov wants you to pay…it is a tax. They demand you pay for insurance, they are raising your taxes. Think about it, it’s true.

So health care insurance shouldn’t be sold by Bam, enforced by the government, and forced down our throats.

You knew that.

Heck, I don’t care if the gov helps somebody out, I just don’t want forced taxes. It should be my choice, not somebody else’s. Did I hear somebody whisper ‘No taxation without representation?’ Hmmm.

Okey doke, now that we’ve solved that problem, heard on the news yesterday that smog results in lowered IQs. Well, that makes sense…smog results in lowered health, then the mind has to focus on keeping the body healthy, and the result is less intelligence relegated to actual thinking.

That brings us to Washington. It appears that Washington bureaucrats have illegally weakened anit-smog requirements in that area.

That’s right, people, Washington believes it is above not only the people and God, but above smog. And, that leads us to the obvious conclusion concerning the real reasons for the IQ shortage in Washington.

The problem for the people is simple. Do we make Washington control its smog? Or do we wish them well and laugh at their artificially lowered IQs?

Now, laughter aside, we can presume that the smog is not just coming from their cars.

No, the smog in Washington is coming from speechifying. Apparently Washingtonians are not just windy, incompetent boobs, but they are actually destroying the atmosphere with their speechifying emissions. Apparently, I hate to be the one that breaks the news, Washingtonians are built upside down, and have confused which orifice flatulence is supposed to, uh, be emitted from.

The solution is obvious. We must tax all harmful emissions coming from Washington. A senator should pay for each word he says, and there should be no tax break for words.

Tax their harmful mouths, you see, put an effective cork in their speechifying, and demand that they buy health insurance so that they can deal with the source of their terrible and incompetent ideas, which, of course, is the rot and corruption growing in their smog producing bodies.

Tax them, and make them go to the doctor and get operated on. Doesn’t matter what kind of operation, though I would recommend cranial liposuction as an obvious first choice.

Well, it’s a wonderful day, going to get more wonderful, got some wonderful thoughts on revolution and paying taxes that I’d like to share with you. Maybe tomorrow, unless something juicy and smelly comes up.

Until then, Carpe Diem!


This page has been about the low level of intelligence displayed by United States Senators.

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